Community Remembers II: WWI Poppy Cascade Update

200 more poppies arrived this week for this exciting project to drape a falling river of waterfalls down the tower at St John the Baptist. Thank you! please keep knitting

We counted the poppies which have reached the church at the end of this week. We were thrilled to discover that we were up to 600 poppies. More are coming in all the time but we still need more. Thank you to everyone in the community who is getting involved. We need three thousand or more to create an amazing cascade tribute. Help us to honour all those whose lives were changed for ever by WWI.

If you might be able to get involved by hosting a donation pail or by starting to make some poppies please give us a shout or find instructions on the project page. It is easy to make these poppies. Why not try knitting or picking up a crochet hook for the first time? 

Find the project home page

WWI 100 poppy cascade homepage. All updates wil be visible on this page. 

Donate your poppies across the village

Pails are available for donation:

  • North Baddesley Community Library
  • Cheaters Funeral Directors
  • North Baddesley Baptist Church
  • Knights Grove Care Home (BUPA)
  • All Saints Church Foyer

Thank you!

We want to say a special thank you to the North Baddesley Village day committee for their generous donation towards the project. Test Valley Arts Foundation has also made grant towards the cost of the project which is greatly appreciated. The encouragement from the Parish Council has also been much appreciated. Thanks are due to too our specialist building contractor Jason Bruno has also been very generous with his time. With his help we have worked out how the poppies can be safely mounted to the fragile tower of St John the Baptist.

St John the Baptist, North Baddesley a listed place of worship | Address: Flexford Rd, North Baddesley, Hampshire, SO52 9DF

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