Easter update

Easter day marks the climax of God’s long rescue mission bringing us out of darkness in the work of Jesus, the light of the world. Read on to learn how we are celebrating.

Easter is the great day of celebration for the church around the world. Jesus, unjustly executed on the cross by the Roman occupying power in Israel at the time, rose from the dead. God's full forgiving power in Jesus endured death, being buried in the grave: and death showed it could not hold him. So death's ultimate power is destroyed. This is the great joy of Easter. Jesus' work is done. All of us without exception are invited to celebrate this Easter wonder. Come explore the joy of faith in Jesus this Easter in Ampfield, Chilworth and North Baddesley

Family events and celebrations

Space to think and pray

At this time of increased international tension @acnbchurch is opening All Saints North Baddesley on three evenings during Holy Week. If you’re feeling battered, worried, or concerned we warmly invite you to come and find some space pray, reflect, or just to think.

Following a service on Maundy Thursday, there will also be an extended time of prayer at St Mark Ampfield. It will probably wind up sometime around midnight.

Services and curated prayer times

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