#FollowTheStar Rocks

#FollowTheStar Rocks is coming from Saturday 8th December 2018

How to win!

  • Find a rock with a star and the #FollowTheStar hashtag on it around our communities. All our rocks will be hidden in safe places on publicly accessible land. See ‘What sort of places will I find rocks’ below. Rocks will be found in North Baddesley, Ampfield and Chilworth Church Parish areas. Most will be near habitation.
  • Post pix on social to @acnbchurch FB; Insta; Twitter; using the #FollowTheStar hashtag. Please don’t post pix that you aren’t happy being public. See ‘Terms & Conditions’ below.
  • At least the first 50 finders will get a Christmas themed goodie bag if you pm / dm us your contact details, or come to All Saints Church North Baddesley when the office is open. Please don’t post addresses or phone numbers publicly.
  • You can either keep the rock as a reminder to #FollowTheStar this Advent, or give it back to us and we will hide it again to keep the cycle going. Please do not hide the rock again.

Some important guidance

  • Please remember to wash your hands after being outside looking for our rocks.
  • Don’t go near ponds, streams, or into culverts looking for rocks (see ‘What sort of places will I find rocks’ )
  • Kids, please take a trusted caregiver with you on the rock hunt.
  • Hunting for rocks is more fun when you aren’t alone, and safer too.
  • Please don’t do dangerous things with the rocks.
  • For safety reasons, no one from the church will offer help you look, or tell you where you can find rocks. You can contact us reliably: FB; Insta; Twitter and contact-us.

What sort of places will I find the rocks?

Rocks will be obvious to a careful observer. Our teams hiding the rocks are working to this guide:

  • Rocks will be below 1.5m above the ground and in locations that don’t require reaching.
  • There won’t be any rocks hidden in or near watercourses, ponds etc.
  • We won’t hide rocks directly next to roads
  • Rocks won’t be hidden directly on the ground on footpaths, cycleways or bridleways.

Terms and conditions

  1. @acnbchurch is the combined web and social media presence for the Parish Church Councils of North Baddesley, Chilworth and North Baddesley.
  2. @acnbchurch and our team may repost, share, like, or reuse images you post on social media. We may also reuse these in print form with a credit to the username of the account first posting the picture on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.
  3. People hunting for rocks do so at their own risk. We take reasonable care to ensure rocks can be accessed safely. We expressly disclaim responsibility for the location of rocks moved by third parties.
  4. @acnbchurch can have no responsibility for injury or damage caused to people or property associated with #FollowTheStar Rocks.
  5. Found rocks are tokens without monetary value. The first fifty found may be exchanged for a goodie bag, the content and value of which is at the entire discretion of @acnbchurch. The goodie bag is non exchangeable and has no monetary value.
  6. ‘#FollowTheStar’ is a national campaign in Advent and Christmas delivered by the Church of England Communications Team. They are the copyright holders and own the associated Intellectual Property. @acnbchurch have adapted the ‘#FollowTheStar’ campaign for local use.

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