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The world’s a bit ‘frisky’: Be light and certain hope

The world’s a bit ‘frisky’. Smudging the meaning of truth is poisoning our humanity. Share the gift of God who in Jesus declares ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life’ with those disturbed by the instablity.

These are disturbing times. They are times for us as a community of faith to be comforters of the disturbed. Remember the salvation work of Jesus life, death and resurrection cannot be destroyed, and that in Jesus, God declares I am the way, the truth and the life.

The great powers of earth are engaged in a complex dance of misinformation and brinkmanship where none entirely know the intentions, capacity or willingness to act of other parties to the dance. There’s a further confusion. No one is sure what is true, or perhaps even what truth is. The smudging of truth as an absolute is a central character of much of the philosophy behind changes in our world over the past two decades.

The great division of our time may not, after all, be between left and right or open and closed, but something more fundamental still: between what is true and what is false.
Jonathan Freedland

Victoria encourages all the faithful at St Denys Chliworth, St Mark Ampfield, together with St John the Baptist and All Saints North Baddesley to reach out to those around us who are disturbed with a message of peace and hope. Reach out with humility and gentleness and draw them toward the life which Jesus freely offers. Show in words and in your lives what it is to have a certain light for feet and lamp for your path.

So even as we seem again to stand close to the destruction of this civilisation and all manner of earthly and spiritual powers seem to be at work in both. God who is Father Son and Holy Spirit holds the earth as securely, its future, as securely at any time in history.

The remarkable illustration in this article is from zkinkade an interpretive image of the the third battle of Fallujah during the US/UK occupation of Iraq which has had such catastrophic consequences for Iraq and surrounding countries Contemporary War Map Series
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