A border collie holds a palm cross gently in its mouth Jeff's Border Collie demonstrates what happens when your dog joins in celebrating Palm Sunday © Jeff Watkins 2018

Giving us life: Palm Sunday

What's giving us life this week? Some links, prayers and interviews which made us think in the past week. 

Prayer of the week

Yesterday we were crucified with Christ; today we are glorified with him. Yesterday we were dead with Christ; today we are sharing in his resurrection. Yesterday we were buried with him; today we are waking with him from the sleep of death. Amen. Gregory of Nazianzus (329-389)

Gregory was Bishop of Nazianzus in Cappadocia. His path of vocation in the church was turbulent, at times pressured by others, and surprisingly contemporary in form. He spent considerable time writing poetry and prayer, much of which has survived.

Approaching the problem of evil

Have you ever wondered about the problem of evil? It goes like this: if God is love and all powerful why is evil still apparent in the world. Having been at the edge of faith In recent years, Thomas Oord has begun to consider a radical solution. Perhaps God can’t stop evil? As shocking as this sounds, Thomas builds firmly on scripture and is deeply honest about the places his solution doesn’t reach. Tune in for a mind bending episode!


Thomas Oord is a theologian and Professor at Northwest Nazarene University, he is known for his contributions to research on love, open and relational theology, science and religion, and the implications of freedom and relationships for transformation.

The Sacred, an interview by Theos with Andy Crouch

Sacred is an audio interview by Elizabeth Oldfield with leading figures in which they discuss issues that the interviee holds as ‘sacred’. In this episode Andy Crouch, Andy talks about the value of language and the state of US politics, including the presidential election.

The Sacred with Andy Crouch

Andy Crouch is the former editor of Christianity Today one of America’s largest circulation Christian papers.

Justin Welby: an article on Reimagining Britain

Archbishop Welby has recently published “Reimagining Britain” a book about how we live out our faith in society, and what sort of place and community we want to live in one generation from now. Here is his own take on the book published on the Lambeth Palace website.

Reimagining Britain with Archbishop Welby

Justin Welby is the Archbishop of Canterbury.

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