Giving us life: Trinity

This week a painful quote on life and death from the poet Kaleko, a round up of teaching from @acnbchurch, digital list of ministers from St John the Baptist and research into reaching young adults.

Quote of the week

Remember: with our own death we merely die,

But with the death of others we have to live.
Mascha Kaleko (Memento)

Teaching and talks on-line

A talk from Ian at St Denys

A talk from Ian linking Psalm 1 and John 15 in the context of friendship with God.
Psalm 1: The seventh Sunday of Easter

A talk from Sally for Pentecost at All Saints

At Pentecost, it is good to remember the transforming effect of the Holy Spirit. When our world looks bleak, when we walk in sadness and anxiety, when nothing seems right, the Spirit of God stirs the energy of joy within us.
Pentecost 2018 at All Saints with Sally Kerson

A talk from Vanessa on 13 May on the Image of God

So, for Jesus, the world is not the influencing factor that determines who the disciples are, but God – light, joy, justice, peace, compassion – is the force that influences the disciples. Jesus is asking God to keep the disciples safe from being pulled back towards those who choose to turn away from this light.
The Image of God

St John: an historic place

A lot of care and effort has gone into tracing the list of priests and incumbents at St John the Baptist, North Baddesley back to around 1255 and this is now online and readily accessible. Enjoy.

Ministers of St John and leaders of the Order of St John of Jerusalem at Baddesley

Not as difficult as you think: mission with young adults

Not as difficult as you think - mission with young adults A striking and accessible set of studies looking at what makes mission with young adults possible and effective. Ian’s just back from Faith Research 2018 and he’s chosen this study as an example of what was going on there because the research productis designed for practitioners and very accessible.

Critical elements seem to be offering spaces to belong, and spaces to explore faith together and to progress in exploration of faith.

Important factors seem to be

  • Choose leaders carefully. Don’t just grab anyone available. The right skill mix matters
  • Develop a theology where young adults can make a difference in the world and society
  • Don’t underestimate the transient life of 18-30 year olds
  • Clarify financial expectations from dioceses and parent churches. Attenders in the young adult range frequently have very uncertain income streams
  • Make succession planning a priority

This study was carried out by the Church Army in response to a commission from the Archbishops’ Council and the Church Commissioner.

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