Snakes and Ladders in Matins

Last Sunday we mixed up the usual course of Matins, or Morning Prayer at St Denys Chilworth. Instead of a sermon we had a bible quiz with added snakes and ladders.

Last Sunday during Matins we played snakes and ladders with progress depending on the answers to biblical questions. Unexpected fun for both the congregation and ministry team more interactive than the usual talk or sermon.

Matins is an ancient service which has lots of opportunities for creativity. There are so many rich and meaningful chants and settings of the service, and the rotating pattern of psalms, readings, and collects makes for a service which is both formal and exciting.

St Deny’s church usually celebrate Holy Communion and Matins (Morning Prayer) using the Book of Common Prayer. Sustaining the mission and operation of this church is challenging. If you’d like to visit St Denys and perhaps join the congregation you would be most warmly welcome

The Book of Common Prayer has remained an authorised liturgy of the Church of England for over 400 years and has played an important role in shaping the doctrine off the Anglican churches across the world. Many people still love it for the beauty of it’s language.

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