A video message from Cllr Celia Dowden at the Over The Top memorial

Cllr Celia Dowden and other Civic representatives attended the launch of 'Over The Top' a poppy cascade memorial for #Armistice100 in North Baddesley. We are grateful for their participation

The launch of “Over the Top’ was attended by civic representatives including Borough, District and Ward councillors. The participation of elected councillors in Remembrance events at memorials across the UK is important. They serve as representatives of the State: which has the power to make war, or seek peace. We are grateful for them taking the time out of their Sunday to attend.

Over The Top has been made possible by the cooperation of the whole community and a wide range of organisations within it. All the elected representatives remarked on the value of stimulating this shared experience. Cllr Alan Dowden said: “this wonderful tribute has been put together by the community by obviously knitting poppies and cascading from St John’s tower. Really it is absolutely wonderful that the community has dedicated this to the men who have given their for us, all these years ago.

Speaking aside from the video at the top of the page Cllr Celia Dowden noting that even the donughts at the launch party were iced with a deep red glaze, she said “How good is this that we have a new member of our village who has joined in and sent (trays and trays) of donughts to celebrate this day”.

The full text of what Cllr C Dowden said on camera is:


It’s a pleasure to be here today at St John’s church in North Baddesley and to be part of the launch of this wonderful and amazing tribute to the men and women who gave their lives for the rest of us to live freely.

What I think is the best part about all of this is that this has been put together by the community. Different organisations have all got together to produce something for us to remember those terrible days of the First World War.
My father fought in the First World War. He was sixteen but he told them he was eighteen. And he went to war. Luckily he returned from war - injured - otherwise I wouldn’t be here. But I am really pleased to be here today to honour his memory of playing his part in this Great War.


The full list of representatives attending the launch of Over the top included TVBC Cllr Chris Thom, Parish Councillor Simon Cross, TVBC Cllr Celia Dowden HCC & TVBC Cllr Alan Dowden & Vice Chairman of North Baddesley Council Alan Warnes. None of the churches in our group endorses any political candidate, but we are grateful for the service of our local representatives and hold them in our prayers.

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