Pet, companion and working animal service 2018

Why have we spent the last two weeks thanking God for the partnership we have with working and companion or pet animals?

 Over the last two weeks we’ve been joined by some of the animals who live with us as ‘pets’, companions or working partners. We give thanks for the blessing they are to us.

This is first year that a ‘pet’ and working animal service has been part of ‘Worship for All’ our fun, cafe based services. Wherever you are in life and whatever you believe these services are warm, welcoming places to meet God.

Our animal companions, working partners bless and enrich our lives. Our lives wind tightly together with those of horses, dogs, chickens, cats and more. Our care for them is more than functional. We are at peace with them and we live in each others grace.

God gave humans a special duty to steward the earth and care for it. We are doing a terrible job. We have destroyed so much so rapidly that the safety of our common home is at risk. God is calling us to think again and change what we do.

The relationships we have with the animals that share our lives can teach us how to be better stewards of all God’s creatures. We all owe our beginning to the powerful creative work of God. It is the creative work of God that brought about so much from nothing.

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