Over the Top Poppy Update XI

More than 50 people gathered at the ancient church of St John the Baptist for the launch of the poppy cascade memorial for North Baddesley marking 100 years since the end of WW1.

Over the Top is composed of more than 4200 individually knitted poppies, donated by organisations and individuals from across North Baddesley. The intentional variety in the styles of poppy and the colours gives the memorial depth, texture, and a sense of how many different hands have come together to form this impressive tribute.

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The launch event began with a short service of dedication of the cascade and an act of commitment to the peace of the world.

we look back in sorrow for all those who suffered injury and loss; we recall those who are suffering in conflicts in our world today, and we look forward to that day when the kingdoms of the world will be ordered by God’s peaceable rein. We pray that all who look upon this display will be moved to remember the fallen and to commit to acting peaceably from this day forward.

Into Perfect Peace

To accompany ‘Over the Top’ a small but moving exhibition has been curated inside the church focused on remembering the consequences of war. As a species we are addicted to violence. War is the most developed and nationalise form of institutional violence we know. The exhibition will be open throughout the next fortnight between around 10am and 4pm. St John the Baptist is regularly open during these times, as one of Englands ‘Small Pilgrim Places’.

The launch was attended by an enthusiastic crowd of over fifty people from across North Baddesley. We welcomed representatives from the County, Borough and Ward councils who shared with some of the team how much they appreciated the tribute, and how war affected their own families. We were also joined by some of the team from Test Valley Arts Foundation who made a grant towards the creation of the project. We were grateful for their rapid approval process. You can read a longer list of people who need thanking{article 181}[readmore "here"]/article}

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