Poppy Update IX

The poppy cascade is now nearing being completely assembled. Please do not start any new poppies. During “Over the Top” there will be peace focused exhibits inside St John the Baptist. You can contribute by making an origami dove with a message of peace.

Watch the video with this article to see how the poppies which will form part of Over the Top are looking.

New opportunities to help with the Cascade

Now the anniversary of the end of WWI is drawing near there are new opportunities to help the event be a fitting memorial. You could

  • make an origami dove with a message of peace inside instructions (on dropbox)
  • contribute to the hospitality for the launch event contact us
  • help with looking after the event contact us

Thank you for your donations

None of this would have been possible without the donations of more than 3600 poppies from individuals and organisations across North Baddesley and beyond. We will continue to accept donations of poppies that you have already started knitting. Please don't start knitting any new poppies from now on though.

What leaps out to you about WWI?

The industrialisation of war led to new specialities in agriculture as well as war. Remembering that even by the start of WWII much of the world was still not mechanised, here in the records of WWI we read about a Baddesley man: Private W.H. Silence Hampshire Regiment who was transferred to the Labour Corps where he rendered valuable service in motor ploughing.

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