Poppy Update X

The Poppy Cascade is rolled up ready to deploy on Saturday Morning, in time for the opening party on Sunday at 2pm

Thank you for the doves and poppies which are still blowing in. The overwhelming response from the community means that ‘Over the Top’ will be a poppy cascade to remember. It will be a fitting tribute to those who died in WWI. Just to say again: thank you for all your poppies - but please don’t start making any more now.

During the fortnight during which the ‘Over the Top’ poppy cascade is on display there is an accompanying exhibition inside St John the Baptist. ‘Into Perfect Peace’ is a meditation on the loss and suffering of WWI, succeeding wars, and on how war so often breeds war. We invite you to come in and spend some time thinking, reflecting and praying - if that’s your thing.

Visit the main poppy page

Online Thanks
  • Test Valley Arts Foundation
    for financial support of the project and for their ability to make small grants quickly.
  • North Baddesley Village Day Committee
    for a generous donation towards the project
  • Jason Bruno, Construction & Restoration
    for technical assistance with safely rigging the cascade on this listed building...
  • North Baddesley Mens Shed
    for generous help in providing silhouettes of soldier and horse.
  • Companions of St John
    for their support to the project and their committment to this historic church.
  • To many people to count in North Baddesley for their enthusiastic knitting of poppies
    seriously - you are all amazing. We've been blown away by the clicking of needles across the community. It's a fitting tribute to events a century ago
  • Hosts of Poppy Donation Buckets
    We never quite new what each day would bring at Poppy HQ (All Saints) but latterly several times a week bags of poppies have been turning up from collection points across the village
  • Knit and Nat(ter)
    Thanks to this group who meet at All Saitns and have produced poppies at a consitently high rate, repaired poppies that didn't go quite right and helped with rigging the cascade

Thanks to specific people

 LLM Sally Kerson

Sally is the engine behind quite a lot that happens at All Saints and our partner churches @acnbchurch. She is the glue which sticks pop up projects like ‘Over the Top’ together.

Cilla Riley

Our Churchwarden Cilla has been a total star throughout this project, and has spent many hours crawling up and down the cascade fixing poppies, and whipping in the guide ropes which take the load of the cascade.

Kathryn Sibley

Kathryn worships at St John the Baptist. Her expertise with flower arranging and getting the best out of St John the Baptist as a building without damaging the historic fabric is much appreciated.

 Ian Wyllie

Ian does most of the web and communications stuff @acnbchurch. He worked up the visual concept for Over the Top, scared people on the project regularly about how many poppies they would need, and curated the exhibition ‘Into Perfect Peace’ which runs inside St John during the poppy cascade.

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