Winchester Eco Seminar

Ruth Valerio from Tearfund led the Eco and climate action seminar for Winchester Diocese on 14 January 2020. @acbchurch has produced this edited transcript. Time stamps {00:00} refer to the…

Lead type in a tray

Pass the printed word

If you get newsletters and magazines from charities that you support please share the information by passing them on to others rather than throwing them away. Passing on publications like…

Pressed aluminum cans

Recycling as part of daily life

Please recycle. Please also take recycling to collection points as part of journeys you have to make anyway: to work, to shop, for leisure. Otherwise your journey adds unnecessary pollution….

Plastic stacked for recycling or recovery of energy by burning

Plastic: stopping single use

Take the challenge: Cut out single use plastic this month. Single use plastics are a major problem for recycling, cause global heating and support the oil extraction industries. Taking the…