Living in wisdom's way: Trinity Sunday

‘Does not wisdom call, and does not understanding raise her voice? When the Lord marked out the foundations of the earth, then I was beside him, like a master worker, delighting in the human race.’

The peace of God from church to world

In Holy Communion we receive the body and blood of Christ to feed and sustain us in our Mission. And then we go through the door of this church and we take with us the sacrificial, unconditional, and practical love of Christ to share with all we meet.

The conversion of St Paul

Such amazing readings this morning it was difficult to choose what to say and do justice to both of those readings, the one from Acts and the one we’ve just heard from the Gospel. But I thought today maybe we would have a look a bit more at St Paul.

Baptismal promises and being parish church

Being Parish Church is a special calling: how are you doing?

Easter Day

 Jesus came to give us new life, life in all abundance, and that is certainly what we find in a well-tended garden; growth, flourishing, nurture, learning. I pray that each of us may have the chance to connect with nature this weekend, and remember the transforming power of God. 

The poor you will always have with you

Following in Mary’s footsteps, in Jesus’ footsteps, isn’t something to do half-heartedly or partway. Responding to Jesus’ ultimate gift takes our whole life our whole self every single day.