A reflection on Advent Sunday

Jesus implores us: come follow me. 

An address on the First Sunday in Advent

Mission is something that is done by all God's people - not between individuals or clergy or the bishops or by projects. Mission the work of the kingdom, is the task of the whole church community and that is what Advent is partly all about.

Christ the King: servant, without thought of personal gain

Jesus never sought power or used his authority for personal gain. Although he had all the power, he only used it to help others. He proved that through death we find life. His kingship was and is one of service, humility and truth.

Sin, Judgement, and the end of time

As we approach Advent we begin to turn our thoughts to the end of time, to our death, and to a time when we will stand in the presence of God. We consider particularly themes to do with judgement and therefore to do with sin. And we have it seems to me a very narrow view of both.

The servant of the Lord

These are Scriptures: the Scriptures given by God preserved by blood, pain, past and present martyrdom. Without it we the church have no story and no song -and without a story and a song we have no certain future.

For a camel to go through the eye of a needle?

Jesus in his words to the rich man is promoting the fact that wealth is to be shared. None of us has a right to anything. Everything we have is a gift, given by a God who provides for us generously but also makes us responsible for looking after each other.