The perils of of tradition

Our very selves are defiled, made unholy not by what we take in, but by the corrosion of the human heart.

The whole armour of God

Being Christian, offering ourselves at the altar each week, accepting Christ’s body and blood into our bodies is not an easy path.

I am the bread of life: for the life of the world

I’ve been thinking this week, probably since our twwg meeting last Sunday, very much about the Eucharist - Holy Communion, The Lord’s Supper, Mass - whatever you like to call it. And i’ve been reflecting that it is now so far removed from life today for most of our communities around us. Why then do we still make it so central to our worship?

Feeding of the 5000: the fruit of compassion and blessing

In great compassion Jesus takes what little the community has, what it gives freely, blesses that and through it works to transform the world. Such is the fruit of compassion and faith, when humanity and God, work in harmony

A sabbath rest: required for compassionate engagement in mission

I urge you to embrace the spiritual practice of rest and renewal for Jesus’ sake. Rest, relaxation, and vacation are not only God-given gifts; they are God-directed necessities. But then we must move from the Sabbath rest to the compassion and action of Mission in the world around us.

Implications for today: The death of John the Baptist

A sermon from Revd Victoria Ashdown: an urgent call to self examination of conscience, and to activity in the service of Christ. Inspired by the accounts of the death of John the Baptist in Matthew 6 and events current at the time of the talk surrounding the Middle East, and the visit of the President of the United States to the UK.