Trinity 2018

Sometimes I feel like I don’t know anything. Do you know what I mean? Sometimes I feel that the more I explore, read, study, discover, and experience the world—the less I actually know. I think the Trinity can be a bit like this, whatever way you try and describe it: it's like Water, Ice and Vapour; or the fact that I am Daughter, Wife and Mother but all the same person, just leads into various heresies!

Pentecost 2018 at All Saints with Sally Kerson

As you know, you’ve been told right at the beginning of the service, today is the feast of Pentecost one of the most exciting and important days in the Christian year even though hardly anyone outside the church recognises it.

The Image of God

The image of God: how do you, in your unique humanity, describe your understanding of God. John 17 with Revd Vanessa Lawrence.

Becoming friends with God

An invitation to become friends with God. John 15 with Revd Stephen Sizer

Patronal festival: St Mark The Fifth Sunday of Easter

A talk by Revd Victoria Ashdown: The nature of the church. Given on the occasion of the rededication of the tower and bells at St Mark given on the fifth Sunday of Easter, the patronal festival of St Mark.