Prayer: a precious gift that helps us flourish

Prayer is fundamental. It is the oxygen of our faith it’s the fuel for the fire

Hear Epiphany's echos

The Epiphany, the voice of God remains among us, in sign and scripture, whispering into hearts Come act and follow

Have you lost Jesus?

Who was lost: Jesus or Mary and Joseph? Where are you with Jesus as this new year begins?

Running fingers through the prospect of promises fulfilled

In the Magnificat, Mary sings sings in the past tense: running her fingers through the prospect of promises fulfilled. Let us all be bold to magnify: to make plain things of God in our society.

A reflection on Advent Sunday

Jesus implores us: come follow me. 

An address on the First Sunday in Advent

Mission is something that is done by all God's people - not between individuals or clergy or the bishops or by projects. Mission the work of the kingdom, is the task of the whole church community and that is what Advent is partly all about.