Samara's Aid: Christmas Appeal

Our Christmas appeal is for the Syria crisis. We are collecting funds to help Samaras Aid a Brighton based charity sending practical aid to people in real need.

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How to Help

Join in with The Christmas Appeal, make a real difference this Christmas. Donate at services, via church office or directly to Samara’s Aid. Donate at services, via church office or directly to Samara’s Aid

Samara’s Aid started as an expression of solidarity with people in Syria. It has developed into one of the most effective small charities working with displaced and war affected families in Syria. The first responses from the charity were to distribute very good quality donated clothing, dignity bags and other essentials. Today in addition to this work Samara’s aid is also working to provide medical assistance and hospital services in parts of the country where healthcare infrastructure has been destroyed. You can read more about their work in Deir Ezzor here

Revd Victoria Ashdown said: ‘Samara’s Aid’, based in Brighton, and working with internally displaced people in Syria. We have confidence in work Samara’s Aid teams are doing because it’s sensible and verifiable and going to people in real need.

Current update

In February 2018 Samara’s Aid sent more than 94 consignments (Artic lorries, containers and ambulances) carrying clothes, shoes, bedding, toiletries/hygiene items, essential medical equipment, ambulances and school equipment. Much of our aid goes to the people in need of humanitarian relief that other aid agencies have missed, or people who are scattered across areas where they cannot access help themselves. By November 2018 107 containers full of necessary aid had been successfully transported to Syria. 

Samara's Aid Beginnings

The genesis was an email round mothers at a school in August 2014, appealing for winter clothes and shoes to send to the people displaced in Iraq who lost everything when the IS group took their towns, cities and villages. The aid we send is taken to people who are in need, and our partners serve everyone in need regardless of their faith, political views, gender, ethnicity or other defining categories. Our aim is to demonstrate the unconditional love of God to people who are in desperate need, and everything we send is given freely to those in need with no expectations and no strings attached.

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