Ministers of St John and leaders of the Order of St John of Jerusalem at Baddesley

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We've brought together everything we know (and in some cases think we know) about the previous vicars and ministers at St John the Baptist, North Baddesley and the knights, preceptors and masters of the Order of St John and Jerusalem up until the dissolution of monasteries under Henry VIII. We as the parish of North Baddesley with our partners in Ampfield and Chilworth are custodians of a precious historic resource and this list of historic ministers and others up to the present day, brings that home in a clear way. We hope that this list helps with your genealogical research, answers your homework questions, and is a source of joy.

This list is compiled from what historians would call primary and secondary sources. For the oldest parts we are indebted to Sandra Smith MBE who wrote a 'North Baddesley: A Short History of the Church and Village'. More recent dates are from the primary source of public knowledge about Clergy - Crockfords Directory. Please use with care - your mileage may vary etc.


Louisa Victoria Ashdown, Vicar

Born 1966, Ordained Priest 2013.


Vanessa Jane Lawrence, Associate Priest

Born 1973, Ordained Priest 2001. Primary ministry as Hospital Chaplain to Southern Health Foundation NHS Trust.


Peter Martin Gilks, Vicar

Born 1951, Ordained Priest 1985. Subsequent to North Baddesley: Team Rector, Portway and Danebury Benefice. Appointed Hon Canon at Winchester 2016.


Pastoral Reorganisation to become: Ampfield, St Mark, Chilworth, St Denys, and N Baddesley St John the Baptist and All Saints

Patron: Mrs P M A T Chamberlayne-Macdonald.

2007-2010 & then further after pastoral reorganisation

Vanessa Jane Lawrence, Associate Priest

Born 1973, Ordained Priest 2001.

2006-2010 & then further after pastoral reorganisation

Peter Martin Gilkes, Vicar

Born 1951, Ordained Priest 1985.


Julia Foster, Non Stipendiary Minister

Born 1958, Ordained Priest 2007. Subsequent to North Baddesley: North Waltham (NSM).


Paul Steven Sherwood, Curate


Peter Brian Christopher Salisbury, Vicar

Born 1958, Ordained priest 1993, Subsequent to North Baddesley served as Vicar in Lymington, and from 2013 Area Dean of Lyndhurst. Appointed Hon Canon Winchester 2017.


Andrew William Doughty, Vicar

Born 1956, Ordained priest 1983, Subsequent to North Baddesley served as Rector of Warwick St Mary in Bermuda, then Archdeacon of Bermuda from 2004.


James Robert Tarr, Vicar

Born 1939, ordained priest 1968, Subsequently ministered at Andover, and at Mojácar in the Diocese of Europe. Retired 2002.


Pastoral Reorganisation to become: The Benefice of Chilworth (St Denys) with North Baddesley

Patron: Mrs P M A T Chamberlayne-Macdonald


Michael Sturge Miliken, Vicar

Born 1920, ordained priest 1966, Died 21 March 1983 and is buried in the churchyard. Before North Baddesley he served in Bournemouth and then as Rector in Fawley.


John Nicholas Seaford, Vicar

Born 1939, ordained priest 1969, appointed Hon Canon Winchester 1993, After appointment at North Baddesley served at Highcliffe with Hinton Admiral, Christchurch, and as Rector St Helier. Retired 2005


Nigel John Ovenden

Born 1923, Ordained Priest, 1961, Died 1987. After serving at North Baddesley he served as the Rector of Compton until the time of his death.


Peter John Chandler, Vicar

Born 1920, Died 1985, Ministered as Vicar in Andover following his appointment in North Baddesley


Ian Kirk Hamel-Cooke BA, Vicar

Born 1917, Ordained Priest 1942, Died 2016. After North Baddesley served at three further appointments, finally as Rector of Tittshall w Godwick, Wellingham and Weasenham in the Diocese of Norwich retiring in 1982.


Rollo Pierce-Butler

Resigned 1947. Buried in the churchyard 30 September 1950.


Vernon Ashby Busbridge

Buried in the churchyard 26 Sep 1939.


Harry Hubert Heap, MA


Christopher Douglas Hindle, MA


William James Robert Hunton Oliver, MA

22 July 1901

Percy William Nathaniel Gaisford Bourne DD

Published an article on Baddesley in Memorials of Old Hampshire. Died in North Baddesley. Buried in the churchyard 24 Oct 1907

19 May 1885

Edward Thomas Hoare

Simultaneously Vicar of Chilworth


Francis Henry Baring

Francis was part of the Baring's bank family: who were the original owners of the merchant bank which collapsed in 1995 following poor speculative investments.

10 Oct 1871

Ninian Hosier Barr,

Previously a curate in Romsey. The restoration of the church by Sir Gilbert Scott took place during his incumbency, the church being in a ruinous condition. Rev. Barr left Baddesley for Chilcombe where he died in 1891. Patron: Thomas Chamberlayne Esq.



James Davies

;Served both the livings of North Baddesley and Chilworth simultaneously while living in Braishfield House. Died 1871.


Thomas Penton

Was Grandson of John Penton. He was only 21 in 1824 and in 1825 had a legacy of £25,000 from Lady Holland. He died in Winchester in 1848.


John Marsh

imultaneously for at least part of his duty, Curate of Hursley (uncertain)


John Peyton

Simultaneously, Vicar of Wellow. Died Bath, 1802. His duty was taken for him for the twenty years preceding his death by a curate John Malham a schoolmaster in Romsey.


Reginald Colton


Joshua Harrison

Served as Minister for 48 years, also Rector of West Tytherley until his death in 1774.


William Raymond

Served as a minister until 1723 but was not incumbent. Brother of John Raymond (1702)


Ambrose Philip Fleury

Is recorded as signing the Churchwardens' accounts in this year as Minister


John Raymond

Died 1719 and buried in the church


Thomas Tomkyns

Died 1702, buried in the nave. Blind, and gave the so called Chained Bible to the church


John Goldwire

Died in 1690 aged 88 years


Aaron Wood


Samuel Hardy, Vicar

Controversial vicar who had been removed from Poole for refusing to wear a surplice; died 1691 in Newbury.


Timothy Goodacre, Vicar

also Vicar of Wellow and of Timsbury where he died and was buried in 1713.


William Poore, Incumbent

Named incumbent of Baddesley in the Parliamentary Returns of Benefices in Hampshire. Before l667 Mr Lancaster, late Minister of Baddesley, beneficiary of the will of Samuel Dunch in 1667.

A gap in our knowledge

We don't know


Robert Jones

Clerk in holy orders, died in this year.


Ralph Blencowe.

He taught school in the room over the gatehouse leading into the Old Monastery according to Richard Morley of Hursley who was one of his pupils and died in 1672 at the age of 97. The second bell is inscribed "R.B. 1595"


Edward Heydon

Clerk in holy orders, who died in this year.

A gap in our knowledge

We don't know!



Dissolution of the orders of Saint John of Jerusalem in England under the direction of Henry VIII.


Thomas Dingley

Commander of Baddesely, executed on Tower Hill 10 July 1539.


Robert Croftes

Commander of Baddesley


Roger Boydell

Preceptor of Baddesley, translated to Newlands, died 1533.


William Weston

Preceptor of Baddesley appointed Prior in 1527, died 1540.


Sir Robert Peck

Preceptor of Baddesley


William Tourney

Preceptor of Baddesley

before 1421

Thomas Launcelyn

Preceptor of Baddesley, Appointed Prior of Baddesley in 1421 died 1442.


John Bone

Appointed in exchange with William Burtone above.


William Burtone

William Burtone, vicar of Northall in exchange with Stephen Edwards, rector of Baddesley. Bishop of Winchester, Wykeham instituted for same reason as above. Wykeham, Bishop of Winchester, instituted the priest as the Hospitallers had allowed 30 days to pass without nomination.


Stephen Edwards, Rector

Stephen Edwards, vicar of Standon, in exchange with Sir Thomas Rusbury(sic) presumably as at 1399 Sir Rousby,'rector ofBaddesley'. Wykehamm, Bishop of Winchester, instituted the priest as the Hospitallers had allowed 30 days to pass without nomination.


Sir John Rousby, priest

Sir John may have carried the style of 'Rector' see 1402, Patron Brother Robert Normantone, lieutenant to the Prior Prior John Pavely.


William Hulles

Preceptor of Godsfield and Baddesley, Prior of England 1414 died before 1433


Sir John Welles, priest

John Welles carried the style Presbyter in this appointment. Patron Brother Hildebrand Inge, deputy of John Redington, Prior John Pavely.


Sir John Langham

John Langham formerly Vicar of Reculver, Kent, on exchange with Thomas Attekyn. Patron Brother Hildebrand Inge, deputy of John Redington, Prior John Pavely.

Before 1387

Thomas Attekyn


Sir William Wylughtone, chaplain


Alexander de Drone, priest

Directly succeeded Hugh de Alverston.


Hugh de Alveston, priest

Installed on the death of Geoffrey (Tottehale) the vicar. Patron John Pavely, prior of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem.



Preceptor and Custodian of Baddesley


William Mutton

Servant at Arms



Knight of St John and Godsfield, the Master of Baddesley


Thomas Archer

Knight of St John and Godsfield, on completion of his term as Prior of England until 1329


William de Basing

Knight of St John and Godsfield


Galfridus de Tottehale

Recorded as presented by Brother Richard de Pavely, prior of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem in England, on resignation of Thomas de Watford


Simon Payable

Knight of St John and Godsfield


Simon Launcelyn

Knight of St John and Godsfield


Thomas de Watford

Recorded as presented by William de Tottehalle, prior of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem


Robert de Coneygrave

Knight of St John and Godsfield


Richard le Archer, Acolitus


Martin de Lavington, Rector

1295 - 1304

Thomas Archer

Knight of St John and Godsfield. Subsequently Prior of England (1321-1329)

1282 -

Hilary of St Edmund

Knight of St John and Godsfield


Stephen de Breminghurst

Knight of St John and Godsfield

After 1255

John, Rector of Baddesley

Mentioned as a witness to a charter in the Godsfield Cartular

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