Volunteer tidy up day in the grounds of the ancient church of St John the Baptist

Thanks to all volunteers who helped give the churchyard at St John the Baptist a wash and brush up this morning.

On Saturday 21 July we had a great turn out of volunteers to help keep the Churchyard at St John Baptist a safe and beautiful sacred space. The rampant growth from this hot summer was given a good trim. Check out the video to see what happened. This voluteer day was about caring for the environemnt of the Churchyard and was not concerned with the condition of any of the burials.

You don’t have to come to church to get involved with helping to look after our churchyards and buildings. Don’t be shy. Drop us an email or come along next time there’s a volunteer day organised.

This churchyard has looked down into the North Baddesley valley since before the Domesday book was written. It has been a beautiful and sacred place for all that time. We want to make sure that, so long as the world continues, it remains both beautiful and safe.

Here’s a short list of some of the achievements:

  • We spent a good part of the time on improving the hedges round the car park.
  • A couple of trees had their crowns lifted
  • The fence lines had a good trim all round

As a church we care a lot about our world. We are sad to see the stress on the environment at the moment. We partner with Arocha UK through their Eco Church scheme to help us look after our facilities. As well as this clear up we did some specific work to improve habitat. More about that coming up soon.

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