WFA: growing a service of choice for children and young familes

Worship for All is getting a specific remit to support children and families in worship and spreading from Ampfield to North Baddesley.

Success at the Children's Craft Club in North Baddesley and the early positive signals at Toddler Cafe at Ampfield mean this is the time to prepare worship which is better fitted for young children and families. To do this we are reshaping Worship for All (WFA) to become a service of choice for children and young families.

We now feel that the Lord is guiding us to build on this sound foundation to get bigger and better while creating the service of choice for children and younger adults.
Jo Hooper

WFA will continue in Ampfield (A3090, Ampfield SO51 9BU) on the first Sunday of each month, will now also run at All Saints (Church Close, North Baddesley, SO52 9EQ) on the second Sunday of each month. From 3 June 2018 WFA will continue to have all its much loved ingredients of songs, prayers, readings and spiritually stimulating activities. Beginning immediately at All Saints and over time at St Mark, activities and songs will become increasingly focused on helping children explore the love of God for themselves.

The Second Sunday team at All Saints are now joining with the team from Ampfield to provide an ‘edition’ of Worship For All in North Baddesley, as well as WFA continuing at St Mark in Ampfield. So across both congregations we hope that you will expect and enjoy the larger team of LLM Sally, Jo, Ian and others helping to lead this important act of worship.

Thanks to Jo Hooper for authoring parts of this article and Kate Mccallum from the Ampfield Messenger who published an Ampfield specific version in the Ampfield Messenger

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