Where on earth is Heaven: Paula Gooder - In Review

This little book of guidance is as the name suggests short. ‘Where on earth is Heaven’ will get you thinking not only of heaven, but also of angels, life after death, and hell.

If heaven is as much a reality as earth, then it affects our all parts of our lives, all the time...

This book could be titled: We need to talk about heaven. In only 35 pages of clear, commanding text Paula takes us through an explosion of ideas and theology. Every page cracks open half a dozen new ideas, linked one to another, as sections of a roller coaster. One of the great joys of Christian thought is the way it sticks together internally. It’s rare to find such a short book where this evident but ‘Where on earth is Heaven’ is such a text.

It’s a book that needs to be read inside the church. No question. Do we think enough about the reality of heaven: the counter part of earth in God’s great creative work. Often not. Do faithful believers think enough about what it means to be participants in the resurrection. Often not. In this time where so many dislike their physical bodies a ‘belief in an embodied resurrection demands we think again’.

The engaging chapter on angels undoubtedly resonates with popular spirituality. This exploration of angelic belief offers those inside the church a way of speaking to the hope that people in wider society have in angels. Perhaps it even offers a way of relating popular belief with the very heart of Christian thought and belief.

This is a short book and attractively produced, which might point towards a destination on the ‘mind body and spirit’ shelves. That would be a shame. Paulasvoice which demands care and attention, as she reaches into the very innards of Christian belief. So despite the camouflage, this is a book which addresses many of the questions that people inside the church should be asking.

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Where on earth is Heaven


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