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The Christmas story draws unlikely people right into the centre. Watch this LifeWords animation to learn more.

Christmas can be a rough time for people in the margins today. If we are true to the way the first Christmas was, it shouldn’t be so. Watch this BSL interpreted animation produced by LifeWords with Livability and the Bible Society to learn more.

God would not have the poor, deprived or excluded shut out from the birth of Jesus. We want to make sure that no one is shut out from celebrating Christmas either. From Advent to Christmas day our service list has something suitable for most people. From gentle Advent meditations in contemporary buildings, via candlelit candle services, to a lunchtime carol service for those who prefer not to be out at night we have it organised somewhere across the group of four churches where we work.

Jesus’s life showed us that God’s priorities are different to the priorities of the world. God values those whom the world rejects - those who feel on the outside of society for whatever reason. In this church, we want to welcome inside those who feel outside.
Revd Vanessa Lawrence
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Jesus an apparently fatherless child born into the very centre of God’s plan. Though his birth was attended by angels - it was in the rough surroundings of the part of a house used to keep animals. He was born a king - but his first visitors were shepherds, rough country folk, not well thought of at the time. Thirty years later when Jesus started his life’s ‘work’ he worked continually for justice, for community, and for people being whole.

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