image from the WWDP 2018 order of service An image from the order of service for WWDP 2018 Sally Kerson / WWDP

Womens World Day of Prayer 2018

@acnbchurch joined partners from local churches at North Baddesley Baptist Church to mark a snow delayed Women’s World Day of Prayer on 9 March 2018.

Around thirty folk joined a service valuing the goodness of God’s creation written by churches in Suriname in the north of South America. The service highlighted the importance of women in taking care of God’s creation.

The service has become an important event in the worldwide church, emphasising the importance of women to the church and recognising the need to improve the way the work women do is valued around the world.

As is usual this year’s day of prayer often includes powerful symbolic elements making its adoption and translation easier around the world. Sally Kerson, Lay minister @acnbchurch said “We heard stories of the women who lived there and their part in taking care of God’s creation”.

The World Wide Day of Prayer traces its origins to movements in the USA and Canada when 19th century missionary organisations began to initiate activities in support of women’s involvement in mission. The service became part of the UK church calendar in 1930 in Scotland.

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