Ecochurch for the second Sunday after Trinity

Stop running the tap when you don't need the water! Simple behavioural and technical changes could cut your households water use by around 10%. More energetic changes could halve the amount you use without damaging your quality of life

Ecochurch for the first Sunday after Trinity

This week: Please stop using plastic bottles for water. We're so fortunate to live in part of the world where you can drink what comes out of the mains! Reusable bottles are avilable! With climate visualisations...

You 'Loved Your Burial Ground'!

The first Love Your Burial Ground event at St John the Baptist saw families children, 9 in total we think and volunteers meet up in the churchyard for a combination of a mini-beast hunt, a monuments trail, and a bit of tidying up.

The backpack project: delivered

Couriers have been booked to pick up the packed backpacks for Mary's Meals in Malawi!

Ecochurch for Trinity Sunday

Why are you using paper towels? can you switch? Environment and refugees, lifecycle analysis of hand drying

Ecochurch for the seventh Sunday of Easter

Why are you flying - Can you stop it? Antibiotic polution of worldwide water courses; and are we bent on our own destruction