What can we learn from church leaders in a more rural area?

Can we learn from mission in deeply rural areas? Revd Paul Seaton-Burn talks about the importance of the land, on shaping mission for context and avoiding managed decline.

The Christian festival movement

In 2016 more than 166000 people attended an eclectic mix of festivals. These large gatherings mix worship, teaching and community in a clearly attractive format. What’s the attraction?

The dead Christ?

North Baddesley parish owns a painting of the dead Christ. Contemplating it makes a hard stop in holy week. Not for us a convenient jump to the exalted discovery of Easter resurrection.

2017 All Saints Art Exhibition: Call for entries

Painters, sculptors, photographers, textile workers, and other artists are invited to submit work to this exhibition which has been part of the Romsey Festival calendar for the last two event cycles. With a good track record of sales and attendance it is an ideal opportunity to get your work in front of the local community in North Baddesley and to attract viewers from across the Festival area.

LyCiG Local for Lent: comes well recommended

Churches should grow: in numbers, in maturity, and in the contribution they make to transforming the communities where they are based. Examining ourselves we admit that as churches in Ampfield, Chilworth and North Baddesley, we aren’t yet meeting God’s good intents for the welfare of our communities and the mission of the gospel. To get started on the first steps of change, everyone is invited to join in the LyCiG local course which is running during Lent.

Setting God's People Free: A flavour of the report

Setting God’s People Free’ a new report from the Church of England identifies that parish churches are mostly failing to equip worshippers with the knowledge to confidently share Godly wisdom in the world, and to be the hands and feet of our Lord in this world. The report also highlights how little we know about the 98% of the Church of England who are not ordained.