Is your journey really necessary: Air Travel

Our Eco Tip for the week: Ask can I, or my business avoid my next flight? If not we urge you to offset emissions, or to encourage your company to do so.

Church development: bound by love and fear

Churches are communities of memory, and of the hope of the risen Lord. That well of memory also makes them valuable and stable parts of the wider community. It also makes change exceptionally difficult.

Coffee morning at Ampfield

The late autumn coffee morning at Ampfield saw over twenty people enjoy coffee cake and conversation. Events like this are a great place meet new people in Ampfield and plug into church networks

Craft evening news

Craft evening report and next event dates: April 2019  for A Spring Craft Evening 

Why not come and explore what creative gifts you have been given. See what else goes on at All Saints and perhaps grow connections in North Baddesley. 

This will be the fourth craft evening that has run at All Saints in North Baddesley. The evenings are gaining in popularity and are bringing out the God given creativity of those who attend. It’s thrilling to see joy in something hand made emerge - especially in the hands of someone who hasn’t ever explored their creative gifts.

Susan said: Exploring my creativity makes me feel: joyful, enthusiastic, gives me a sense of achievement and helps me practice mindfulness to distract my mind from my ongoing physical pain. I am loving the welcoming “village community” feeling every time I visit and I think I’ve made some new connections.

There is no age or gender barrier for the craft evenings. We have welcomed crafters from the age of 14 to 84 years. These evenings are for those who are broken and those who have got it all together, for those who are happy and those who are sad, for those with loads of friends and for those who have very few, but especially for those who think they have no craft talent whatsoever!

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“Art and craft activities are a great way to start conversations, to have fun together and to make new friends and as the body of Christ. We need to encourage that in our sacred buildings.”

LLM Sally Kerson

Samara's Aid: Christmas Appeal

Our Christmas appeal is for the Syria crisis. We are collecting funds to help Samaras Aid a Brighton based charity sending practical aid to people in real need.

#FollowTheStar Rocks

#FollowTheStar Rocks is coming from Saturday 8th December 2018