Unexpected meetings

The Magi followed the star #followthestar in search of a king. Finding Jesus lying in a feeding trough for animals was probably a bit of a shock. So we’ve being asking folk in church about when they’ve been surprised on their journey with God. First up: Ian, who is more usually found lurking behind the camera…

Reduce pollution and save money by sharing rides

Our eco-tip this week: Save fuel, reduce pollution, cut congestion: share rides when you can.

Samara's Aid: Helping Deir Ezzor, the forgotten city

Help support Al Rahmie hospital, opened by Samara’s Aid in the Syrian city of Deir Ezzor. Al Rahmie provides essential medical services to residents and displaced people in the devastated city. Deir Ezzor now faces the bitter winter weather and disease outbreaks due to inadequate sanitary services.

Is your journey really necessary: Air Travel

Our Eco Tip for the week: Ask can I, or my business avoid my next flight? If not we urge you to offset emissions, or to encourage your company to do so.

Church development: bound by love and fear

Churches are communities of memory, and of the hope of the risen Lord. That well of memory also makes them valuable and stable parts of the wider community. It also makes change exceptionally difficult.

Coffee morning at Ampfield

The late autumn coffee morning at Ampfield saw over twenty people enjoy coffee cake and conversation. Events like this are a great place meet new people in Ampfield and plug into church networks