Bags of Hope at Halloween

Watch video to see Churches Together in North Baddesley on Halloween gathered at All Saints giving out bags of hope and offer free soup to passing trick or treaters. Each bag contains treats without tricks and a fun book telling a little of the Christian story.

Poppy Update IX

The poppy cascade is now nearing being completely assembled. Please do not start any new poppies. During “Over the Top” there will be peace focused exhibits inside St John the Baptist. You can contribute by making an origami dove with a message of peace.

Community Remembers: VIII WWI Poppy Cascade Update

We’re really not sure how many poppies we have at the moment. The vicar tells me that it’s around four thousand, and I’m not about to start counting. It’s a remarkable response from a community of the size of North Baddesley.

Community Remembers: VII WWI Poppy Cascade Update

The full shape of Over the Top became visible for the first time yesterday on the floor of All Saints Church. It’s going to be an striking memorial from North Baddesley to the loss and waste of WWI.

Thank you for harvest donations

Thank you to everyone for the amazing pile of donations this Harvest time.

Community Remembers: VI WWI Poppy Cascade Update

Over the Top will formally launch in the afternoon of 4th November 2018. Come and see the cascade at its best - enjoy refreshments and a doughnut. Throughout ‘Over the Top’ the poppy cascade that forms North Baddesley’s tribute to the end of WWI, there will be an exhibition in the church, asking the question: What would happen if we went ‘Over the Top’ Into Perfect Peace?