Volunteer tidy up day in the grounds of the ancient church of St John the Baptist

Thanks to all volunteers who helped give the churchyard at St John the Baptist a wash and brush up this morning.

Community Remembers II: WWI Poppy Cascade Update

200 more poppies arrived this week for this exciting project to drape a falling river of waterfalls down the tower at St John the Baptist. Thank you! please keep knitting

Community Remembers: WWI Poppy Cascade June Update

We are excited by the number of poppies that are pouring in from across the village for this community project. We need lots more to make the cascade so please keep crafting!

Unlocking the Church: William Whyte - In Review

There was a craze for church building in the 19th century. ‘Unlocking the Church’ charts this explosion and seeks to understand the impulse that drove it. Whyte’s book might assist churches struggling with buildings from this era.

Phoebe: Paula Gooder - In Review

Phoebe is a captivating fusion of narrative, intelligent historical imagining, and deep theological and scriptural understanding which spins a tale, centred on Phoebe with whom it appears Paul sent his ‘Letter to the Romans’ from Corinth.

Giving us life: the first Sunday after Trinity

What's giving us life this week, the first Sunday after Trinity? A reflection on Christian hope by Jurgen Moltmann, the difficult decisions about when to close things in the church - especially mission agencies, the human practice of repeating building in disaster prone areas despite regular destruction, and a graphic infographic on the situation in Gaza.