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The world’s a bit ‘frisky’: Be light and certain hope

The world’s a bit ‘frisky’. Smudging the meaning of truth is poisoning our humanity. Share the gift of God who in Jesus declares ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life’ with those disturbed by the instablity.

Giving us life: The fourth Sunday of Easter

Lots of good things from the past week the third week in the cycle of Easter. Teaching from last week as audio and text, a positive read on restoring the traditition of stewardship as a theological driver for thinking about ecology, notes on training that the team have been up to, and some future events including a Julian meeting at Winchester Cathedral

Giving us life: The third week of Easter

This week in Giving us life, a devastating yet hope filled insight into the work of Christians Against Poverty, some polling results on how we see our mothers and views of whether Mother's Day is a 'proper' holiday

Ugly sisters in a struggling world

Can we make a world where science and religion, those ugly sisters, both work to influence policy and help us all to flourish?

Giving us life: The second week of Easter

This week in Giving us life the Lambeth Awards 2018, a case study in coming to faith and some disturbing survey results on trust in the charity sector. 

Giving us life: Easter Sunday

This week in Giving us life we remember the last sermon Martin Luther King ever preached, a prayer of St John Chrysotom and other good things...