Children @acnchurch

Children are spiritually very aware

Children are often spiritually aware. When the questions start, our own knowledge of God and our theology often gets a brisk workout.

Future thinking

At the moment in North BaddesleyChildrens Craft Club is running well. In Ampfield the developing Toddler Cafe . at St Mark is begining well. We know we need to do more to share the love of God with children and their families. We are grateful to @SaundersAD from the School of Mission for help

A warm welcome to all our services

We have just begun a new service 'Worship for all, Ampfield and All Saints' which is offering child focused worship at least twice a month.

Besides this, we want to be adaptable so every service can help children engage with God in a real way. We have an enormous range of styles in our services. Some may fit better with small children than others...

Because we don’t have specific ‘groups for children’ we don’t mind noise, toddler chaos or whatever. If you need to float in and out of a service - please do.

Being a safe church

We are absolutely committed to being a safe church. If you’ve come across something which makes you uncomfortable please visit our safeguarding page for help.