Growing the @acnbchurch community

Everyone who is trying to follow Jesus in our church is important. We all have a responsibility for the health of our churches. Healthy churches are growing churches. To be effective as watchers or shepherds we need to see the things God is showing us. Sharing an understanding of church growth is part of making sure we are looking for the right things.

What do we mean by church growth?

Growth is a word that can mean a lot of things. We have borrowed these three descriptions of church growth:

  • growth: number of people involved
  • spiritual growth: more people becoming more like Jesus
  • servanthood growth: more people having more of an impact on communities and society.

Those descriptions come from Leading your Church into Growth (LyCiG) who have been helping churches to grow sustainably for over 25 years and are a respected and widely supported group in this area.

Implementing results from LyCiG Local

Earlier in 2017 we used the LyCiG local course to help all church members to come to a shared vision to see our churches grow. We don't want to be bigger churches because that in itself is good, but we do want to see God's lost children being found and His world transformed.Read more about the course in this news article LyCiG Local for Lent: comes well recommended on our site.