St John: a Small Pilgrim Place

St John the Baptist is an ancient place, where you can breathe in the stillness, despite modernity just minutes away. Pilgrims and all who may find peace, beauty and the edge of mystery here are welcome throughout the week. Open 10am – 4pm throughout the week. Visit the place page.

Illustrates the church of St John the Baptist

This pre-Norman church was until 1304 ‘All Saints’. At that point it was rededicated to St John the Baptist beginning enigmatic relationship with the Order of St John of Jerusalem. St John the Baptist survived the Reformation. The adjoining Priory did not, being dispersed by Henry VIII.

Making this a space which welcomes to all – of every faith, and which encourages exploration, hope and healing is why we committed to join the Small Pilgrim Places Network, and to keep it as an Open Church 10am – 4pm weekdays. We are consciously trying to emulate the practice of the most ancient churches in England, and perhaps to redeem parts of the later complex history of this place.

To visit, join the Friends of St John the Baptist, or learn more please:

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