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for the Fourteenth Week after Trinity 2019
This week sees the children of the world crying out for their future. They have good reason to do so. We of all peoples, know we come from the dust of the earth, yet we treat it terribly. This week's graphic is from #showYourStripes each stripe shows global mean temperature per year 1901-2018. Will you act to change your stripes?

Sunday September 15th Services

September 22, 2019

8:00 am Early Morning Holy Communion

at St John the Baptist, North Baddesley More information

9:30 am Holy Communion

at St Mark, Ampfield More information

11:30 am Matins

at St Denys, Chilworth More information

Key Events

T-Cup café: Macmillan coffee morning October 26

Harvest lunch October 13th

Scrumptious harvest lunch. An annual, much looked forward to Ampfield institution. From the team at St Mark.

Harvest festival giving October 6 and 13 2019

Harvest festivals: October 6th in North Baddesley and Chilworth October 13th in Ampfield Donations of tinned and packaged food can be brought along to these services.

Adult Craft Afternoon October 31

Joining in with Ride and Stride

During Ride and Stride 2019 on 14 September 2019 a team from St Mark and the redoubtable Francois Hugo from Chilworth raised over £660 for the Hampshire and the Islands Historic Churches Trust.

Get groceries delivered

Avoid special trips to the supermarket. Try to have your food delivered to your home. Delivery avoids impulse buying which is often wasteful and can reduce local air pollution.

Help Romsey Food bank

Our churches collect for Romsey Food Bank, and can help you access the Food Bank service if you need it. The food bank is trying to restock following a very busy summer. It is important we support them to get back to full stocks before colder weather hits and Christmas. @acnbchurch Team We are in particular need of the following …
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Recent talks from @acnbchurch

The DisEase of the soul

What Christ does is to restore us to right community – the community of angels singing with such joy. Through grace, our whole lives become a restoration project – restoring our broken and damaged hearts to wholeness as individuals and as a community. It was a bit of a family joke, that my mum was a collector of stuff, and …

Radical discipleship

May I speak in the name of the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit, Amen. Would you please sit. Well here we are deep in the midst of Trinity. The Trinity season, the twelfth Sunday after Trinity, a time of reflection and growth and learning hence the green in all the vestments and so forth. In the past weeks the …
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