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Welcome to the Newsletter

for the Sixteenth Week after Trinity 2019

Dear friends, and worshippers,

Here's a quick newsletter for the Sunday 6th, via Ian Wyllie.

Due to IT issues and the projected replacement of our office printer there may not be a newsletter this week. We can add anyone who needs to get these notices to our list. Simply reply to this email, or message us on the website.

Sunday October 6th Services

9:00 am Worship for All

Including a focus on the work of the Mother's Union, especially the Away from it all holidays for disadvantaged families.
at St Mark, Ampfield More information

9:30 am Harvest Festival: Holy Communion

at All Saints, North Baddesley More information

11:30 am Harvest Festival: Holy Communion BCP

at St Denys, Chilworth More information

Help stock Romsey Food bank this Harvest

Illustrates some suitable types of items for donation to food bank
Harvest requests for the Romsey Food Bank 2019 are here. We can also help you access the Food Bank service if you need it. Please concentrate your donations on the items they particularly request.

Spirituality and companion animals

Animals should matter to the church because they are given life by the same God who makes every person live. The climate crisis teaches us how our intentional ignorance of animals of every size and complexity, has brought the earth near to ruin. What can our relations with companion animals teach us? Older people and companion animals Our ageing population …
Spirituality and companion animals

Events of interest

October 13, 2019

12:00 pm Harvest lunch

Tickets available from Jean or Pam.
at Ampfield Village Hall More information

October 31, 2019

1:00 pm Adult Craft Afternoon

at All Saints, North Baddesley More information
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