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On Friday 15th May
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So, here we are with a slight easing of the lockdown, although I'm not sure I've worked out what that means yet - other than that Victoria can now go into the churches to pray and worship. Morning Prayer on Thursday was from St John the Baptist but, as she explained in that video, we will be continuing to worship live from our homes on Sunday morning (on YouTube and on the front page of the benefice website).

We are aware that there hasn't been quite as much chat/comment since the Sunday services moved to YouTube and we'd like to encourage you to join in there. If you have a Google account (email/calendar/whatever) and are signed into it when you watch the video then you should see a chat box that you can type into and you should see messages from others. When you first start typing it might ask you create a channel, in which case, do so (and you can then safely ignore it) and then you will be able to chat. As usual, if you have any difficulties, drop us an email at joinin@acnb-church.org and we'll try to help. And don't forget, if there's anyone you want to be included in the intercessions you can email intercessions@acnb-church.org.


Morning Prayer from St John's

Join Victoria for morning prayer on Thursday 14th May: this week, from St. John the Baptist...
Morning Prayer from St John's

Sunday Worship 10th May

Sunday Worship 10th May
We were worshipping live on Sunday 10th May.
Thank you Roger, for growing these beautiful lilies and Sally, for taking the picture.
Meanwhile. In other news the seasons roll on. Please send us lots of pictures. We look forward to sharing and seeing what everyone is up to.
Your parish church has not gone away. We are offering daily prayer privately. Please join us, venture deeper into spiritual communion with our Lord, and prayer for the welfare of our communities and those in health and public service.
acnb-church.org/contact-us or ring the vicarage.
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