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On 26 June 2020
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Sunday Worship on 28 June

Sunday worship will be live from your parish church on the front page of the benefice (group) website. Alternatively follow this link or click button to view directly on on YouTube: https://youtu.be/KTgFooBJPyo

Private prayer in church buildings

Private prayer in our church buildings is now possible. Prayer slots must be pre-booked via the website, or if you are unable, via the vicarage.

Morning Prayer from St Mark's

Morning prayer for Thursday 18th June came from St Mark's.

Thank you for your kind words

Thank you to all those who have expressed concern about where Ian is. The answer is that I am writing this edition of the email - and I am fine. As Abbie said, I have been doing some more behind the scenes things to bring you projects like the Novena for Pentecost and getting the website ready to accept reservations and bookings for events which will be important if and when we are able to increase the number of public events running.
Thanks - Ian
Your parish church has not gone away. We are offering daily prayer privately. Please join us, venture deeper into spiritual communion with our Lord, and prayer for the welfare of our communities and those in health and public service.
acnb-church.org/contact-us or ring the vicarage
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